No. That is really its (Western) name. Drifted in and out of the ICA last year as possibly the most niche film ever, if reviews were to be believed. Reviews are not to be believed, 2002 is not just a Wong Kar Wai parody (though there is much of that in there). It also shamelessly parodies Chinese folk tale films, martial arts films and other genres that I cannot claim to have much but a touching knowledge of.

Question: How many aeroplane disaster movies do you have to see to find Airplane funny?

2002 A Chinese Odyssey has going for it what most great comedies have, a killer sense of fun. There are plenty of jokes that don’t work, but there are plenty that do. An appreciation of how lame any cross dressing plotline from Shakespeare on is decent set up for this silly movie, and since when was silly ever bad. Any film with a character called Solid Gold Love in it can’t be bad.