Dec 07

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 2, Week 6

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I haven’t listened to it all yet, so I still don’t know what happened in it either.

Long live the podcast


  1. 1
    Marcello Carlin on 20 Dec 2007 #

    It was certainly the best edition I’d heard. You can probably glean a fair picture of what was said and played from my comment in the Trouble With Pop item downpage.

  2. 2

    resonance make recordings of all their shows i think

  3. 3
    Tom on 20 Dec 2007 #

    A recording is apparently on the way.

    Point of trivia: the tracks we planned but didn’t have time for were “Police On My Back” by Lethal Bizzle and “A-Punk” by Vampire Weekend.

  4. 4
    jeff w on 20 Dec 2007 #

    I wouldn’t mind hearing a complete version of the DJ Sammy at some point.

  5. 5
    tracerhand on 20 Dec 2007 #

    sorry about the audio snafus at the top of the show, we had some microphone problems

  6. 6
    byebyepride on 20 Dec 2007 #

    Yay! I have downloaded this show to take on holiday with me! Now I can never feel lonely…

  7. 7
    Tom on 20 Dec 2007 #

    Jeff – it doesn’t do much more than the excerpt heard (no verses for instance) BUT it goes have a spoken Christmas message of goodwill from DJ Sammy in English and Spanish.

  8. 8
    Tom on 20 Dec 2007 #

    Another point which we never got round to actually mentioning on the show – the ‘world music’ version of Saltarello is by the group Djembe.

  9. 9
    Mark M on 21 Dec 2007 #

    I think this was the most relaxed sounding edition of the show thus far…

  10. 10
    Marcello Carlin on 21 Dec 2007 #

    Damn! And here I was thinking that the DJ Sammy version was just “Feed the world” all the way through. I’m not quite so keen on it now…

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