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Everyone knows one fact about ZZ Top.
The one without the beard is called Frank Beard.
Everyone should know this other fact about ZZ Top.
They are not top in any way. Except perhaps top of my hitlist.
Think about it. Many a plumber or a air-co[…]

Senses of shame: JAMELIA – “See It In A Boy’s Eyes”
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I always wonder if Jamelia’s mum was a messy eater and hence her birth certificate accident. Or perhaps it was one of those cases where the mum really wanted a kid called James. Whatever, the Jam type Amelia reckons you can See It In A Boys Eye[…]

Senses of shame: CHAKA KHAN – “I Feel For You”
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Is it because she is blind that she feels for me? Or that the lights are off? Either way the last thing I want is a woman with scary hair groping me up and down. Especially if she is then going to drag along fellow blind man Stevie Wonder on harmonic[…]

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