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Pop World Cup 2010: Group H – Chile 1 Switzerland 1

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One of the secrets of the Pop World Cup, like it’s recently-invented footballing cousin, is that very often matches between unfancied outsiders generate the most exciting moments. Chile ans Switzerland, both losers in their first games, are dead set on scoring some points now.

Voting on this match finishes at midnight of Wednesday the 7th April.

CHILE: Los Prisioneros – “La Voz De Los ’80″ The Manager Says “Some Chilean agit pop from the ’80’s! Hope for a better showing this time, kinda Devo-esque!”

SWITZERLAND: Sens Unik ft. MC Solaar – “Le Repas” The Manager Says: “In order to avenge the previous round’s loss, I have turned to affable Lausanne based hip hop combo Sens Unik. Learning from prior defeat, I have tried to select a song that moves a bit better, and this odd little rap track hopefully will get the job done.”

Commentary Box Analysis:I may not be representative but I was despatched to commentate alone for this game, and for me it’s one of the matches of the tournament. Chile playing it jerky and unfamiliar, their left winger apparently very strong. Switzerland may suffer some disapproval as they field beloved Senegalese-French striker Solaar, but for me it’s’ always a great pleasure to see the old gentleman take the field. It’s a corker, and it could go either way.

Group H Match 3: Which track do you prefer?

  • CHILE - Los Prisioneros 55%
  • SWITZERLAND - Sens Unik ft MC Solaar 45%

Total Voters: 49

Poll closes: 7 Apr 2010 @ 23:59

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Result! Group E: Slovakia 0 Paraguay 3: There were visible gaps in the stands as the crowds failed to turn out in large numbers for this one. Slovakia played a tune which had failed to qualify as their Eurovision entry, but they played it in an acoustic formation. Still it seemed that it might have had enough to match the Paraguayans’ languid style. But no, Paraguay’s team held together well, and it was instead the Slovaks who collapsed to a heavy defeat.“Finally the Cumbia! I thought it’d be Argentina bringing the goods, but [Paraguay] is fairly sweet, and it even brings in a brief dembow and crunk chants to befuddle things further.””Team selection suggest a lack of depth in both squads and the standard of play is bordering on amateurish.” “The Slovakian manager appears to be having some kind of Rafa Benitez style meltdown and the team selection could be his as well. This is a limited Eurovision style diva played hopelessly out of position.” ” Am liking the PAR track a lot. Really strong melody to back up the almost casual ease with which they capture the mood of a summer evening drinking oddly strong local drinks in a strange bar.”

Coming Next:Staying with Group H, it’s the final game of the second wave of pop matches, and it’s a transatlantic tie between two first-game winners, Spain and Honduras.


  1. 1
    Tom on 1 Apr 2010 #

    The Chileans have almost too much pep for their own good, zipping the ball around the pitch and playing a simple, direct passing game. I think it’ll be enough for a Swiss side that falls back and plays it a little too deep. For a game with a lot at stake neither of these tracks are grabbing me – an improvement from Chile, while it sounds to me like the Swiss have let their heads drop a little after the invention of their last track went sadly unrewarded. Chile, then, but I’m not sure either side will be sticking around for the knockout phase.

  2. 2
    Erithian on 1 Apr 2010 #

    I’m never too keen on people playing fast and loose with residential qualifications (cf the All Blacks fielding Pacific islanders) but I’ll forgive the Swiss for their inventive use of the female substitute who comes on for the second half and strikes up an instant understanding up front with the old guy. The Chileans certainly pepper it around but kind of lose your attention partway through when it becomes clear they’re not going to break the defence. Switzerland win it for me.

  3. 3
    lonepilgrim on 1 Apr 2010 #

    A corker this is not – both teams have bottled out of a passionate, bravura performance – this match is corked.
    Instead, the teams have donned retro strips in an attempt to recall past glories but they’re both looking a bit threadbare. Any team adopting Devo-esque tactics gets marked down in my book but Switzerland’s reliance on imported talent raises serious questions about the strength of their squad. Having said that, the genuine bankers and goatherds get behind their front man and offer some well coordinated support. Solaar’s huffing and puffing suggest his glory days are over but he has enough experience to get a few shots in. Chile start brightly but their jerky moves and lack of a tight defence leave them vulnerable. This could go either way and I’m not sure I care which.

  4. 4
    Alberto on 2 Apr 2010 #

    As Spanish manager it is interesting to see the reception of the 80’s rock en español formation by the Chileans, since it is a style we could ourselves decide to play, should we advance in the tournament.

  5. 5
    Pete on 2 Apr 2010 #

    The Chilean track is quite good fun, and the angular new wave guitars are probably looking for a song that wraps up a bit quicker. But I don’t see much there that promises more for the future. The Swiss were robbed in the last game and this track smacks a touch of desperation. But they don’t completely rely on the big man up front and there is a sense of humour which deflates a bit of the Chilean blood and thunder. Swiss, though I wonder if its just for old times sake?

  6. 6
    jeff w registered on 3 Apr 2010 #

    The Chilean manager has been referred to in the past (not by me) as the only true poptimist. I can certainly see the argument. And in fact it was Chile who were robbed in the first round. There’s more of the unexpected-but-then-again-not to enjoy in this team selection, the naggingly insistent four-pitch ascending guitar riff not the least of it. But as Pete notes, the song arguably outstays its welcome. More importantly, it’s up against a belter from Switzerland. Sens Unik have got a 90s feel to their play (does this count as “old skool” hip hop now?) and yet manage to make it sound totally fresh. The interplay between the players is a joy to behold.

  7. 7
    Tracer Hand on 4 Apr 2010 #

    Switzerland’s entry totally counts as old school hip hop! It’s like Gang Starr meets De La Soul. Which I can’t really complain about.

  8. 8
    koganbot on 5 Apr 2010 #

    These Chilean rockeros are old faves from the famous Blindfold Test matches, have that alienated edginess of boys who even at home feel like tourists. The Swiss guest, in contrast, feels at home even on tour. I identify with the Chileans in their tension and constraint, but it’s the Swiss with the touch and the control.

  9. 9
    weej on 6 Apr 2010 #

    Love the Gaucho Fire Engines, it’s always great to find two unexpected styles that go together. The Swiss track is great too, but the great part is Senegalese-French, and the rest is just so-so.

  10. 10
    katstevens on 6 Apr 2010 #

    I had some trouble parking at this particular stadium so only arrived to see the last five minutes of the game – SWI are content to knock the ball back and forth among themselves, ignoring the unconventional attacks from CHI. But this tactic won’t score them goals.

  11. 11
    Matt DC on 6 Apr 2010 #

    This Chile side offer a vast improvement on their first group game, which is probably the worst I’ve seen from a side this tournament. This sort of spiky New Wave suits South American teams well and this is no exception. They’ll win few plaudits for their flair but they are zippy, tidy, well-organised and with lots of energy.

    Fielding MC Solaar in this match is very bad form on the part of the Swiss seeing as he may yet be eligible to play for France in this tournament. This track is pleasant enough but voting Chile on principle.

  12. 12
    Steve Mannion on 7 Apr 2010 #

    “I’m never too keen on people playing fast and loose with residential qualifications (cf the All Blacks fielding Pacific islanders)”

    fwiw Scribe was actually born and raised in Christchurch. Surely people aren’t judging artist nationalities largely by parentage?

  13. 13
    Steve Mannion on 7 Apr 2010 #

    Another very close contest with a v different tactical approach from both. I’m leaning towards the Swiss entry for the background organ as much as hot-footed Solaar (who the French needn’t have to rely on at all) tho, so I’m content to deem ‘Le Repas’ Swiss enough, just about. Do or die for both sides but I’m expecting a draw here.

  14. 14
    Tim on 7 Apr 2010 #

    This one ends at midnight tonight, so please to be voting.

  15. 15
    Lex on 7 Apr 2010 #

    I’m not a fan of “voting on principle”; votes should only be about the music unless the rule-bending is particularly egregious. Which it kind of is here, given that the undoubted star of the show (the production isn’t up to much special) is more eligible for another team in the competition!

    Not, frankly, as the manager of the team in question, that I would have any need of playing this. I mean, it’s OK, but…we do not stoop to fielding the 7/10s.

    I really like the CHI backing but the singer does them in somewhat. They really remind me of another (pretty good) more recent Chilean outfit who were hyped a bit a few years ago, who I shall not name in case the Chilean manager needs to use them!

    Voting SUI anyway, it’s the music that counts and that’s the track I’d be more happy hearing again.

  16. 16
    Pete on 8 Apr 2010 #

    OH ZING!

    But yr right. I have thunk about this for the last week and as much as I disapprove of the MCSolaar tactic, it is still a better track

  17. 17
    jel on 8 Apr 2010 #

    Chile are way less easy to manage than T&T…but rest-assured that we are so gonna mash-up Spain in the last match!

  18. 18
    justfanoe on 8 Apr 2010 #

    Ack, so even if I get a win in the last match, likely it won’t be enough. Want to apologize for the MC Solaar tactic. It was borne out of:

    1) I wanted to field a rap track in this round, because rap did so well in round 1
    2) There isn’t a lot of great Swiss rap so I zeroed in on Sens Unik
    3) This was definitely the best Sens Unik track I found, and I listened to quite a few tracks
    4) I wanted to field the best track because, eligibility concerns aside, this competition is ultimately about finding new good music.

    Ultimately, because of life stuff going on now, I wasn’t able to devote the time to selecting this track that it deserved. Oh well, I still managed a point and did find a track for the next round that I feel really good about. And if I do manage to get a big win, maybe I could still yet make it if things break right for me.

  19. 19
    Tom on 8 Apr 2010 #

    If Spain beat Honduras and you beat them in your last game then you’re probably through Greg!

  20. 20
    Tracer Hand on 13 Apr 2010 #

    I keep coming back to “Le Repas”. I love its combination of exuberance and relaxedness. And it makes me think about EATING.

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