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Pop World Cup 2010: Group D – Ghana 3 Germany 1

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Ghana have qualified for the next round with a very impressive 100% record, and we are all already sick of the press jokes about their manager living the high life. Andrew H’s Germany need to beat Ben Graham’s mighty Ghana team to have any hope of qualifying, so will be hoping to face a weakened Ghana keeping their undoubted energies in reserve for the knockout stages.

This match closes at midnight on Wednesday 14th April

GHANA: Osibisa – “Music For Gong Gong” The Manager Says: “With qualification for the Last 16 already secure, Ghana manager Ben Graham knows his team can win the group with just a draw here. Following Wulomei’s success against Australia, the manager again turns to veteran talent, in the form of Osibisa.

‘Music For Gong Gong’ was their debut, first bringing them to the attention of a generation of Ghanaian supporters in the early 1970s. It combines the highlife style of their homeland with a jazzy funk sound, and Osibisa give it a hint of Caribbean flavour courtesy of their three “ringers”. Ben Graham clearly isn’t resting on his laurels, and seems intent on securing a victory to win the group and continue this amazing run of form into the knockout stages.”

GERMANY: Stereo Total – “Sweet Charlotte” The Manager Says: “I’m breaking from my normal pattern here, and going for a band who are still recording and releasing at the moment. This one’s a quick, efficient game, getting in there as quickly as possible with the minimum of fuss, going for precision and attack.”

Group D Match 5: Which of these tracks do you prefer?

  • GHANA - Osibisa 66%
  • GERMANY - Stereo Total 34%

Total Voters: 50

Poll closes: 14 Apr 2010 @ 23:59

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Commentary Box Analysis Ghana’s manager may have taken to talking about himself in the third person, but, like Brian Clough and Jose Mourinho in our parallel football worlds, there’s no arguing with his results so far. Can he keep it going? Germany, amid rumours of dressing-room bust ups with hard-drives flying left and right, are fielding a side much beloved of many around here – it’s not obvious whether a possible familiarity will work in their favour or otherwise. Is this brevity and simplicity the best way to get around the back of Ghana’s jazz backline? We’ll see.

Result! Group H – Honduras 1 Spain 3 This was a good, hard game but Spain ran out in the end convincing winners. The crowd seemed to act as the classic “12th man” for Alberto’s Spanish side but there is no denying the quality of the song they were rooting for. this result means the Spanish qualify for the next round, but the other spot is wide open, with Carsmile Steve’s Honduras marginal favourites. “Spain show greater variety with occasional bursts of flair while Honduras are more aggressive. The threat of an imminent paternity suit seems to increasingly preoccupy the Honduran striker making his play predictable and repetitive.” “Spain looks a bit weedy, all boy band shapes but very little charm, even if it does pick up along the line.” “Allright, Spain. The song is not brilliant, but at least a bit original.” “One of the tightest games of the tournament…” “SURELY the “uno, dos, tres” sample merits a straight red!” “ESP have fielded some ropey old hippie bullshit but the HON track is a true banger, would totally grind to in a sweaty basement which is all you can really ask of reggaeton.” “The Hundurian team seems to have lost their attractive play while I wasn’t paying attention.”

Coming up There may not be much at stake past pride in the next game, but pride is important to Australia and Serbia, and of course if Germany win this match then Australia could just creep in… just. Stay tuned.


  1. 1
    Tom on 9 Apr 2010 #

    If *Ghana* win then Australia could creep in, no? They’d need a big win but anything’s possible. Well, except Serbia qualifying. Sorry Serbia.

  2. 2
    Andrew Hickey on 9 Apr 2010 #

    “Andrew H’s Germany need to beat Ben Graham’s mighty Ghana team to have any hope of qualifying”

    Don’t think so… we’re second in the group. At the moment in order for us *not* to qualify we’d have to lose *AND* Australia would have to win their match *AND* win it with a bigger point difference, unless I’m missing something… even if we scrape a draw we’ve qualified.

    Not that I’m planning on that, of course. I’m in this to win it…

  3. 3
    logged-out Tracer Hand on 9 Apr 2010 #

    Oh god this choice is impossible!!!!

  4. 4
    lonepilgrim on 9 Apr 2010 #

    Both teams play exceptionally well here. Ghana impress with their tight team work and even when half of them go missing midway through the match (perhaps confused by what sounds like the ref’s whistle) the back line keep the ball with a dazzling display of footwork. Germany match the Africans for pace but adopt a more direct approach. Their striker may initially appear diffident on the ball but this masks a quiet confidence and sense of purpose. I find it hard to call a winner here – a draw would be a fair result.

  5. 5

    […] My third-round match in the Pop World Cup is up. This time I’m playing Stereo Total, but up against Ghana who’ve won both their previous rounds… (thanks to Tilt for suggesting these – I’d completely forgotten they were German, as they sound more French to me IYKWIM). […]

  6. 6
    >T on 9 Apr 2010 #

    This is an easy game.
    Some German left his chewinggum on the keyboard, which causes the keys to get stuck. Very annoying to me.
    Ghana is missing some vocals, but besides that the tune is a sure winner to me.

  7. 7
    Erithian on 9 Apr 2010 #

    The Germans smash a Robben-esque volley into the back of the net in the first minute, but quickly run out of ideas, and long before it’s over you wonder where it’s going. Ghana weather the early attack then get their fluid game going, take the lead and by the second half their midfield is passing it around like Revie’s Leeds only with smiles on their faces. A sunshine day indeed. So much for typical Germans.

  8. 8
    Garry on 9 Apr 2010 #

    Oh Osibisa – it’s been a while since I’ve heard them. All those flying elephants. Used to spin them on radio – the station had the vinyl.

    In football parlance, it’s a band who all signed for British teams, but kept their local flair. Germany is cutsey in a rough way, but cutesy doesn’t win you games, and after a bright opening they soon had me wishing the game would finish as quickly as possibly. Thankfully it did. Ghana by a rhythmic mile…

  9. 9
    Tom on 9 Apr 2010 #

    Ghana are sending a message to their knockout stage opponents here – if this is a weakened squad, you wouldn’t want to face the first XI. Playing a fashionable 4-6-0 formation, the manager’s told the lads in to go out and express themselves and they do at some length, but the crowd are loving it. Exhibition stuff – even the triple substitution of horns for whistles doesn’t put a dent in them.

    The Germans on the other hand are playing a laconic, direct game – in its way a similar tactic to the USA’s against Algeria, hoping the opponents will exhaust themselves. I’ve encountered this squad a few times though I’ve never followed them regularly but I feel this is one of their off days – it’s a little too slight for me, even if it wasn’t up against a team where you feel every single player could score.

  10. 11
    Matt DC on 9 Apr 2010 #

    Ghana are in a relaxed mood, certain of qualification they’re playing samba football now – that extended build in the middle is something else – and I’m backing them for a third consecutive win here.

  11. 12
    Alberto on 11 Apr 2010 #

    Ghana show us some real Jogo Bonito. The Germans are workman like but they cannot keep up with them.

  12. 13
    Birdseed on 12 Apr 2010 #

    The Ghanaian side is playing a seventies game but Germany is playing a seventies-*styled* game, which surely must be better. Ghana have plenty less loungey music on offer, I’m voting for the Teutons

  13. 14
    koganbot on 12 Apr 2010 #

    Germany playing a fascinating eleven that I’ve never figured out (just spent some time with their latest, Baby Ouh!), good passing, lots of spirit, and a who-gives-a-shit approach to supposed verities, but also a who-gives-a-shit approach to goals. Good muscle but lack of brilliance from Ghana, hard to choose, but I think Ghana’s muscle takes it.

  14. 15
    fernando on 13 Apr 2010 #

    Sax player in Ghana should be sent off. That’s all I’m saying.

  15. 16
    Lex on 14 Apr 2010 #

    There’s been the suspicion that GHA have been progressing by default through this group, but this is easily their best track so far – joyous and exuberant, but a great track as well as a great party atmosphere.

    Never been all that keen on Stereo Total though it’s also GER’s best track so far.

  16. 17
    jeff w on 14 Apr 2010 #

    Osibisa sound rubbish on phones. Stereo Total are tailor-made for them. A trial on the hi-fi restores parity a bit, but first impressions were crucial here. Besides, I can’t wait to see what Germany’s manager comes up with in the quarters.

  17. 18
    Andrew Hickey on 14 Apr 2010 #

    “Besides, I can’t wait to see what Germany’s manager comes up with in the quarters.”

    This *is* something to take into consideration, isn’t it? ;)

  18. 19
    Tim on 15 Apr 2010 #

    Clear win for Ghana here – congratulations to them on qualifying. Congratulations to the Germans, too, on making it through to the next round (blessedly I didn’t need to calculate the percentage difference this time).

  19. 20
    Andrew Hickey on 15 Apr 2010 #

    We wuz robbed.
    But still, we’re through to the next round, and the Ghanaians were always going to be a tough team to beat.

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