Jun 09

IPC Sub-Editors Dictate Our Nation’s Youth(‘s festival footwear)

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Graun journalist spends all day reading nme.com and fails to really read the glastowatch story she links to which shows a screencap from metcheck when it said that SEVERAL MILES of rain would fall per day, temperatures would top 2000°C and the wind would be over 1000mph….

Also Science dude in the original Times story is relatively reserved, basically there’s this weather pattern that happens kind of at the end of June, but really isn’t that predictable and it’s not really a real monsoon, really…

The accuweather.com forecast will DO ME FINE to be honest (it currently says no rain after monday night, overcast but reasonably warm all weekend)


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    marna on 8 Jun 2009 #

    I like that accuweather forecast, but it doesn’t actually cover Glasto, does it? (Unless I am missing something and looking foolish yet again on the interwebs.) BBC are cheerful, though! http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/ukweather/monthly_outlook.shtml

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    CarsmileSteve on 9 Jun 2009 #

    shhh, no one was meant to notice that!

    stupid festival being a week later than usual, STOP CONFUSING ME!!!

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    […] 9, 2009 in personal history, photography, press IPC sub-editors dictate our nation’s youth. Ha, been a while since I heard that one. There is talk at the Meadi Grauniad that someone wants to […]

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