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Obviously I have an attraction to crazy quixotic blogging projects*, but I have to take my hat off to Laura Hudson and Leigh Walton, who are planning to blog EVERY ISSUE OF CEREBUS. On the one hand, there are ‘only’ 300 of ’em. On the other…. well, NO SPOILAZ, but there are sections of the story I’ll be interested to see how they handle. Currently, of course, they’re still on the early funny stuff (except before it was funny).

*By the way, I recently found a blog taking up where Mike Daddino’s US-equivalent-of-Popular project left off, but I’ve completely lost the URL. It was called “No Tape Errors” or something similar. If this is your thing (or if you know whose it is!) get in touch so I can link it!


  1. 1
    Tom on 12 Jan 2009 #


    Blogging every Oscar Best Picture nominee – Pete this is something I know you’ve threatened to do on occasion.

  2. 2
    Pete on 12 Jan 2009 #

    Yes it is, but it was as some sort of riposte to Popular, and I don’t see it throwing up films that are even that much of their time, let alone interesting. There are loads of great Oscar winners, but it rarely corresponds to what has become the canon. It would also all be American.

    I have another project lingering, but I am seeing if I can just up my posting rate at the moment with a couple of short runs and then head for the big one (it strikes me that the Top 100 films from 2003 is now six years out of date and should be redone in a new scientific manner).

  3. 3
    Martin Skidmore on 12 Jan 2009 #

    As the man who nominated the #1 way back then (was it really 2003?) I want to be involved again, and I hope the method is every bit as scientific.

  4. 4
    Pete Baran on 12 Jan 2009 #

    Science has come on in leaps and bounds since then, so i daresay it will be even more scientific, and yes martin, you would have to be in the mix.

  5. 5
    Andrew Farrell on 13 Jan 2009 #

    I would also be fairly interested!

  6. 6
    chap on 14 Jan 2009 #

    Speaking of crazy quixotic blogging, have you come across this guy who’s reading every prog of 2000AD?


  7. 7
    Alan on 14 Jan 2009 #

    *GASP* although it looks like only every copy that he has – some patchiness at the beginning i notice.

  8. 8
    chap on 14 Jan 2009 #

    Nah, he reads em all, just doesn’t blog every single issue.

  9. 9
    DV on 26 Jan 2009 #

    Unlike everyone else, I thought Cerebus was great from the word go, though I did read the early issues after the later ones.

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