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Guinness Red

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New Product! According to Marketing Week, Guinness are about to launch “Guinness Red”, its first major new product since Guinness Extra Cold.

The new beer will be poured and served like Guinness, and have a similar ABV, but where Guinness is black, Guinness Red will be….red!

No details as to taste – the drink will be made from “lightly roasted barley”: perhaps Publoggers with more discerning beerbuds can comment on what this might imply.

If anyone Googling this has seen it on sale – and we know it’s out there! – let us know in the comments! Thanks!

[EDIT: Hi everyone. We’ve had some now and our views are here]


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  1. 31
    Tom on 5 Mar 2007 #

    Heh, that was clever of me. I was thinking of the Union Rooms and the Goose at the same time…smooth!

  2. 32
    Stonch on 13 Mar 2007 #

    I tried it. I didn’t like it. Read my review by clicking on my name, or by cutting and pasting: http://stonch.blogspot.com/2007/03/guinness-red.html

  3. 33
    Ellie on 23 May 2007 #

    I tried Guinness Red in the O’Neils near Kings Cross Station – it was absolutely delicious.. not as thick or heavy as regular Guinness… yummmmeeeeee!!

  4. 34
    Jen on 13 Nov 2007 #

    I work in an oneills and red guinness is really popular. It really really nice and i’m not a big fan of the regular stuff.
    Its gooooood.

  5. 35
    Paul on 23 Nov 2007 #

    Lured by the marketing hype (and a love of Guinness) I gave Guinness Red a go this lunchtime. It was truly horrible – it was neither good bitter nor good Guinness. It was as though someone had mixed a 1/4 pint of (proper) Guinness with a can of “value” lager and, perhaps, some dark red colouring. If you fancy a lager or a bitter then get a good one, and if you fancy a Guinness then have a proper one, but I won’t be drinking Red again!

  6. 36
    CarsmileSteve on 23 Nov 2007 #

    interested marketeers might be interested to know that we are STILL 4th on google for “guinness red” behind the Mail, the Sun and a diageo press release but ahead of the guardian and the official guinness blog…

  7. 37
    jim on 30 Nov 2007 #

    Please someone Irish buy Guinness back and stop this brand dilution. If you want a red beer in a Guinness style then call it under another brand. This new beer will not stop falling sales, this is a gimmick. Guinness needs to go back to what it did best and back to basics. Guinness red is doomed to fail. Guinness is black and white and in the mind of the consumer it is black and white. what a mess

  8. 38
    Chris on 9 Dec 2007 #

    I tried it too and I have to say it’s okay, but it feels like something is missing. I reviewed it on my blog (http://blog.beerintheevening.com/2007/12/07/guinness-red/)

    I don’t really think it’s brand dilution, I see it as adapting to the ever changing market. In all fairness, they’ve been around a couple of hundred years now and had to do nothing, but things change and it’s nice to see them adapting to changes. Is Guinness Red the right change? Who knows.. only time will tell I suppose! :)

  9. 39
    rhys on 6 Mar 2008 #

    Guinness isnt black FYI Jim, it ruby red. As far as diluting the brand is concerned, what I thing Diageo are doing is developing a product that opens the door to future Guinness drinkers who cant ‘handle’ a real pint of Guinness – much like they did with Guinness Extra Cold and that hasnt done too bad has is?!? Its not about the short term, its about future profitability and likewise its not about current Guinness drinkers its about future Guinness drinkers. Pretty simple really.

  10. 40
    Andy M on 7 Apr 2008 #

    Unfortunately FT has now fallen to googley 6th place on this.

  11. 41
    kevin on 16 Oct 2008 #

    Hey I saw the Guinness Red advert and love the song they use in it. Does anyone know what it is???

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