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Mar 09

The Mood is Wrong, the Song is Right

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I find it interesting when a song has an “actual” meaning completely other than that which it has for a particular person. The most obvious examples of this are all the songs like ‘Angels’ or ‘Perfect Day,’ ‘Nothing Compares 2 U,’ ‘Eternal Flame’ etc. which get played at weddings despite they’re about drugs and/or one night stands and/orSinead O’Connor’s dead mum but radio segments where listeners can call in with a story and get “their song” played demonstrate that this isn’t isolated to soppy balladry and indeed, for every song there is someone, somewhere, misinterpreting it, probably to the chagrin of others.

I don’t get particularly annoyed by people “misinterpreting” songs (instead, I get annoyed at them using rubbish and generic songs at their weddings) since surely they mean whatever you think they mean, etc. but I do, as I said, find it interesting. Partly, probably, in a completely vain way because I’ve realised as I’ve got older there are a hell of a lot of songs I heard as a child and completely misunderstood. For instance: ‘Rock The Casbah’ is not quite the same as ‘Kajagoogoo’ in the ‘senseless party songs’ stakes and ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ is not actually about an actual tiger, not to mention all the countless song’s I’ve had the “hang on a minute, this is about shagging!” shock moment about. 


Revival Of Movie Series Fails To Recreate Confessions Movie Magic

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The “Confessions” Movie sequence has to be one of the most schizophrenic (non-medical usage) of the movie sequences out there. As such the films have run the gamut of movie stylings from bawdy sex comedy to rom-com via spy and teen movies. However only one of them has been highlighted as the symptom of the complete downfall of western civilization. Here is a quick run-down of the eight fot you, which one was said to be a sign of the end times?

Confessions Of A Window Cleaner (1974) Robin Askwith plays a clumsy ugly window cleaner who infeasibly has lots of sex and gets into surprising situations with housewives.

Confessions Of A Pop Performer (1975) Robin Askwith plays a clumsy ugly minor pop star who infeasibly has lots of sex and gets into surprising situations with screaming pop fans (perhaps screaming because he is so ugly). Remade as Almost Famous by Cameron Crowe.


Things I Learned At Poptimism Last Week

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Last Friday was a terrific return to form for Poptimism, for the first time south of the river at the Horse Bar in Lambeth. Much dancing and interesting records played in the correct spirit of bonhomie. Well except for the bloke who dissed Scooter who I will get on to shortly. Anyway, i learned three things at Poptimism on Friday which I think I should share with you:

a) Womaniser by Britney Spears is indeed a Pirate Song. Now I had already suspected this, so was quite pleased to have it confirmed that the lyrics do scan best when sung lustily thus:
Boy don’t try to front – A-HA
I know just what you ARRRRGGHHHH!

b) Lily Allen’s The Fear requires spooky noises at the end of the chorus.