Last Friday was a terrific return to form for Poptimism, for the first time south of the river at the Horse Bar in Lambeth. Much dancing and interesting records played in the correct spirit of bonhomie. Well except for the bloke who dissed Scooter who I will get on to shortly. Anyway, i learned three things at Poptimism on Friday which I think I should share with you:

a) Womaniser by Britney Spears is indeed a Pirate Song. Now I had already suspected this, so was quite pleased to have it confirmed that the lyrics do scan best when sung lustily thus:
Boy don’t try to front – A-HA
I know just what you ARRRRGGHHHH!

b) Lily Allen’s The Fear requires spooky noises at the end of the chorus. A surprise, and yet it worked perfectly with a few Whooooo! and ghostie noises thrown in. Lily, how did your perfectly tuned pop sensibilities miss this?

c) Insult Scooter and its like you insult my family. This shocked me, but whilst DJ-ing a man (I called him worse on the night) tried to talk to me. “Play something good” he said, which I am inurred to. But rather than suggest the Stereophonic or a song about Sex Being On Fire, he then set about a copy of Jumping All Over The World, Scooter’s bestselling album of 2008. He then berated it, accusing it as being the sound of Swiss apres-ski (showing his colours a touch there) and the epitome of all that is wrong with music today. I am used to having music arguments, but not for a long time did I feel the deep hurt that this caused me. Who knew I invested so much in the global popularity of Scooter?

Us having two copies of the CD by the decks may have tipped him over the edge I guess!