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BUCKS FIZZ – “My Camera Never Lies”

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#498, 17th April 1982

“The Land Of Make Believe” was a good song made mysterious by its muffled production; “My Camera Never Lies” is an ordinary song with an arrangement that bristles and shines like a Swiss Army Knife. Unusually, it’s a record almost entirely carried by its backing vocals – all that jittery “ma-ca-muh-ruh-ruh” stuff which gradually takes over the whole track (to be replaced with more conventional harmonies, and children’s voices considerably creepier than the one at the end of “Make Believe”).

The result is jumpy, slightly desperate, annoying in repeated doses, but surprisingly effective. It’s like Bucks Fizz, aware their fame is running out, are trying to cram all of new wave and new pop into a single supercompressed hybrid, halfway between Devo and Dollar.

Duckula vs Teen Wolf More Like

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I thought Underworld stank. A tedious effort in style over content where
a) the style was second hand rubbish
b) the content should have been great.
It is, after all, a story about a centuries old secret war between vampires and werewolves. But caught between buying too much black for the set design and the charisma vacuum that is Kate Beckinsale, it merely limped forward with its rubbish “son of both vampires and werewolves” plot pleasing at best a handful of goths. Underworld: Evolution, was not only completely pointless, but even more offensively tedious than the first – turning Scott Speedman into some sort of giant smurf creature and just about getting Beckinsale back into that corset.

So why did I see Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans? Well it didn’t have La Beckinsale on Mr Speedman in it (despite the poster looking like she might be – good work in hiding Mitra’s face there).


Pub Archaeology-ah*

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This video for The Fall’s “Wings” (embedding sadly disabled or I’d post it direct) is not only a rare promo of one of their finest songs, it’s also a forensic examination of a pub in 1983. Perhaps even the kind of pub Mark E Smith drank in (though since the song is about being adrift in time and space, perhaps not).

There’s also a TIME GRAPH about 3 minutes in to further understanding of the song.

*sorry, it’s a post about The Fall. You have to do that. It’s the law.

Clark Kent’s Obsession

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Superhero Perfume Ad

Superhero Perfume Ad

Saw this in a comic last week. Had to be scanned it is so preposterous.

I cannot for the life of me imagine who this is aimed at. Except children. And children
a) don’t buy comics anymore
b) don’t buy eau de toilette

But putting aside the pointlessness of the product, lets consider what each of these fragrances should smell like if the attached hero is involved.

Eau De Spider-Man : Considering he wears an all-in-one body stocking made of what seems to be some form of rubber, and is very athletic it is no surprise Peter Parker developed a fragrance. Notoriously unlucky in love, Peter possibly realised this is because he smelled like a five day old jockstrap whenever he had been web slinging. One assumes this has a strongly antiseptic smell.