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Jan 09

Final Crisis & spinoffs by Grant Morrison and others

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I’ve just reread all of this, and I totally love it. It is difficult and demanding, and I wonder if the editors were tempted to provide annotations, footnotes or some such – but eventually I decided they weren’t needed. I’m not sure I have read stories featuring the Monitors before, and they are half of the key to this, and I have no clue what the fuck happened to New Genesis and Apokolips which is central to the other half, but I had no problems, given some concentration. The content is here, not reliant on outside knowledge. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t exploit the history, because it does, often brilliantly, with loving references to the past (Flash saying “Flash fact” twice – Grant and I always shared a love of the Silver Age Flash comics) and countless invocations of what makes me love superhero comics, right down to Superman saying “This looks like a job for Superman” and the line “Superman can,” which seems to sum up (in its context) as well as anything ever has what makes him the greatest. I can’t imagine anyone with a love of superhero comics being unaffected by such moments.