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Jan 09

THE POLICE – “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”

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#488, 14th November 1981

Gratifyingly throwaway by the increasingly intense standards of The Police, “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” is the band at their most blithely enjoyable. A lot of that’s down to the arrangement – steelband percussion, Jean Roussel’s delightfully rolling piano, and the uplifting synthesiser chords coming out of the middle eight and colouring the fade out. The whole thing has an off-kilter charm to it slightly reminiscent of XTC, though more straightforward than anything that band did (which is why this is as close as we’ll come to discussing XTC on Popular!). The only downside is – yet again – Sting’s singing, a closed-in growl in the middle of all this splashy colour.

Visual (Gastro) Porn Of The Week

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Title of this piece comes from the Pitchfork Graph link comments when someone called the charts visual porn, only to be chided that porn, on the whole, works via the conduit of the optic nerves*. But graphs? Hey ho, whatever turns you on. For me, its this photo from the Dos Hermanos website, from a review of an old regular of mine which has been gastrofied, the Bull and Last in Dartmouth Park. Click through for this image of loveliness (Safe For Work, Not Safe For The Hungry).