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ANEKA – “Japanese Boy”

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#484, 29th August 1981

Inscrutable indeed is the train of thought that led Mary Sandeman to get up in a kimono and transform into the mysterious and bewitching Aneka. It was to prove an unrepeatable flash of inspiration – the dress-up box wouldn’t stretch to a second hit. And to be fair, nothing much about “Japanese Boy” suggests ‘career artist’ – the public’s appetite for syndrums and chinoiserie was briefly immense but always likely to be finite.


My 10 Worst Films Of 2008: 3: Max Payne

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I have a friend who saw the poster for Max Payne a couple of months in advance and got rather excited. She had worked out from the poster that it was some sort of hard-boiled cop or detective drama and was gritty and violent. As a hard-boiled fiction fan, who also liked Mark Whalberg, she squealed that it was almost her perfect film. I informed her it was based on a video-game and her face dropped like Chev Chelios at the end of Crank. Without the bounce.

So, yet again on this list, I should have known better. Except actually all the points made by my friend were correct. Max Payne was a videogame set in the milieu of hard-boiled fiction. Most notable about the game was its graphic novel styled cut scenes, with a strong voice-over narrative and a story which was involving and, whilst clichéd, compelling and interesting. It also had lots and lots of shooting (as befits a first person shooter). From run down hotel, to subway station, to fetish clubs it had the nouse to keep the visuals interesting, gameplay challenging and a good storyline.