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Jan 09

500: 47-63

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A quick recap!

This is a series of posts “liveblogging” the Pitchfork 500, reflecting the book’s dual purpose as criticism and playlist. The ground rule is that I do the writing in real time as I listen to the music: no edits after that (except of typos). Posts in this series are intermittent, because I don’t have a lot of uninterrupted writing time.

Disclaimer: I write regularly for Pitchfork and contributed a dozen pieces to the book. I have no insider knowledge of how tracks were selected, had no say in the selection, and any commentary on the book’s purpose etc. is purely speculative.

In this episode: The book looks at what the world of rock was up to when punk hit, and splits the difference with a trip into New Wave.


My 10 Worst Films Of 2008: 8: Alien Vs Predator: Requiem

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Yes, yes I know.

This is a list of the ten worst films I saw in the cinema in 2008 and yes I knew it would be rubbish. That’s OK, there is rubbish I like. Speed Racer might turn up in my top ten and it was a narratively complex as a Ladybird book. And its not as if the original AVP had set the bar particualrly high. Because it hadn’t. But I still fondly remember the first AVP as one of the best social times I have had in the cinema, beered up with an audience who all new it would be tat, and thus throwing the odd heckle and bon mot its way. The tagline was explicit after all, whoever wins, we lose. And NO-ONE WON.

So isn’t it disingenuous to put this film in here, when I knew it would be rubbish and went to see it anyway? Well perhaps, but in the scheme of rubbish films that i know will be rubbish, AVP2 was rubbish squared. It had that magic ingredient no bad movie should have: it was dull. You read me right. Dull. There was nary a laugh out loud moment, the cheese was non-existent and the violence sedate. As I said here, the film finally confirmed what would happen if the Aliens made it to Earth. And the answer was end up in a very rudimentary slasher monster movie.