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Jan 09

Donald Westlake – Drowned Hopes

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This is the first novel of his I’ve read since his death on New Year’s Eve, aged 75. I’ve read around half of his 100+ books under lots of pseudonyms (Wiki lists eleven).

This is a reasonably representative Westlake novel – it’s one of his stories of John Dortmunder, a criminal planner of considerable flair and not much luck. In this case, a psycho old cellmate is released after three decades in jail to find his large stash of stolen money is now under a reservoir. He comes to John with the plan to blow up the dam and recover his cash, not giving a damn about killing hundreds in the process.


No Disco, No Debussy, Not Yet

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Che Part One is a film without a proper beginning or all that satisfactory end. I knew the second part of that sentence before I went in, I know Soderbergh has split his four hour film into two so it is more palatable to audiences. I toyed with going to see it in one piece on New Years Day, but thought I would prefer to see it in parts. So I knew it would not end all neatly wrapped up. I also knew that because it is a biopic based on a short segment of Che Guevara’s life, as such how neat could it be. So I also kind of guessed that it might not have that much of a beginning either (unless you count the Motorcycle Diaries).