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Jan 09

Showcase Presents Strange Adventures

The Brown Wedge8 comments • 310 views

I’ve not even opened it yet (it’s a collection of 1950s DC SF comics) – I just wanted to show everyone the cover.

Sometimes You Want To Watch The Olds

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I have been watching the news coverage of the current mess in Gaza with a slightly detached air. Not because it isn’t shocking (I work with a Palestinian and so get better, personal coverage from him). But more with an eye on the ticking clock of news. Its been going on for ten days now after all, and soon the relentless banality of a conflict with no end in sight will start dropping down the news agenda. Today the interest rate cut will probably unsettle it though Lebanese rockets may change that. If it is still on going (which I hope not) I imagine it will not even pop up on the news by the time Obama’s inaugeration comes around.

This is the problem inherent with rolling news, and with the constantly voracious news agenda. It could be that Israel’s micro-management of the conflict will keep the news organisations more involved, waiting to see who they can get in to Gaza to report.


Stuck In A Windscreen With You

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I wrote and posted this last June not thinking Stuck would get a release in the UK. Well it has. One screen (like New York and Chicago) and its well worth seeing. Or watching on DVD when it comes out in two weeks time. So I thought I would repost it.

Stuck may not get a theatrical release in the UK, bearing in mind that it only popped up in one screen in New York and Chicago. Which would be a pity: not because its the best film ever, but it at least tries to do something different. A ripped from the tabloids, based on a true story tale of a hit and run gone wrong (for which read WRONGER), Stuck is most interesting when you consider the genre it exists in. It is in many ways a survival horror film, with the gender and power roles reversed.

Mena Suvari plays a pleasant enough carehome nurse promised a new promotion. So she goes out and celebrates, and has a few too many drinks and drives home. Unfortunately she hits down on his luck homeless guy Stephen Rea. But she doesn’t stop. So far, so hit and run. She can’t believe her bad luck, she refuses to believe the reality of the situation. Which is Rea is stuck in her windscreen, glass spearing internal organs but as she discovers later, still very much alive. What follows is clearly not a portrait of ultimate evil, Suvari does a whole load of bad things but as she is the lone female we are compelled by the RULES OF THE CINEMA to slightly sympathize with her.