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Jan 09

The Ad Industry Is Dead, Long Live The Department Of Propaganda

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One of the knock on effects of the downturn, nee the credit crunch SOON TO BE PROPER ACTUAL RECESSION EVEN UNDER OFFICIAL DEFINITIONS is there is less frivolous money banging around in industry. Cutbacks come in more profligate and somewhat unproven areas. HELLO advertising, an industry puffed up with its own importance but a general lack of all that much in the way of concrete evidence that its work really improves sales. The Cadbury’s drumming ape after all did more to drive up sales of Phil Collins Greatest Hits that it did Cabdury’s*.

I saw this ad this morning and it told me where all the ad pounds are going.
Singing food stuff in a DEFRA advert for not importing food from outside the EU.


BUCKS FIZZ – “Making Your Mind Up”

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#478, 18th April 1981

In some ways Bucks Fizz’ Eurovision triumph is pop’s equivalent of England’s 1966 World Cup win. It encouraged a certain complacency in the victorious nation, who began to convince themselves that not only was the competition eminently winnable but that this famous victory had established a formula for more. For passion, grit and English physicality read bubblegum, camp and dollybirds having their skirts whipped off. There the parallels break down. The subsequent failure to win the World Cup has become something festering, a cultural fixation in its own right that Popular will collide with in due course. Not winning the Eurovision Song Contest has only recently started to niggle in English minds, and the response is often that it’s not worth winning.


Its Got To Be Perfect

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Kate Winslett oldThe Reader is not a biopic of folk singer and Fairground Attraction frontwoman Eddi Reader. Which is just as well as I do not believe Ms Reader’s life has involved being a concentration camp guard and toyboy taunting sexual predator. In Kate Winslett’s hands (and as ever over-exposed tits) the role becomes a tour de force: I WILL GET THAT OSCAR seems to be Kate’s mantra this year and she has a good chance. Serious themes, heavy emotional toil and excessive ageing are all on hand to attract the academy. That said, to get said Oscar she will need to overcome the following problems with The Reader.

-Her tits. Let’s be fair, the only film I can think of with Winslett in where you don’t see her saucer sized areolas is the Peter Pan one, Finding Neverland.