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Popular ’74

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I give marks out of 10 to every song – based on whatever criteria you like, here’s your opportunity to say what you’d have given more than 6 to from 1974. It’s a bumper crop of 21 tracks, tick as many as you like.

Which Of These Number One Singles Of 1974 Would You Have Given 6 Or More To?

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A Trigger Almanac: 2007

Do You See + FT + Proven By Science + Pumpkin Publog + The Brown Wedge + TMFD/2 comments • 1,068 views

Here’s a selection of some of the most entertaining/interesting posts on the site this year – thoroughly incomplete, as it doesn’t include much of the frothing ephemera that makes FT so good (in my partisan view). As usual when I look at the FT archives I’m enormously amused, amazed that there’s so much of it, and frustrated that loads of good ideas don’t get followed up, but such is the way of the blog.  Huge thanks to all contributors and a Happy New Year to all readers.