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Jan 07

Food Science Day 2: 7 – Flying Fruit Followup

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2005’s hugely successful Flying Fruit Experiment answered a burning question but gave rise to another. The small and unassuming apricot was the winner but supply problems meant that this was the only bum-shaped fruit available in our sample. We began to wonder about the potential of other bumfruits. Can the smoother, harder nectarine be thrown so far that it would hit you in the back of the head? Could a peach be sent into orbit one day? Once again, we set out for the FreakyTrigger comestible-chucking range in Peckham Rye Park.


Poptimism – Lesson Twenty Seven

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Hip Hop Is Dead – NaS and Will.I.Am

With Every Heartbeat – Kleerup ft Robyn

Sabim – BossAC

Electronic Battle Weapon – The Chemical Brothers

Come To Love – Trademark