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Jan 07

Gaming WTF Moments of ’06

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At But basically I’m just linking this cos of the picture they use at the bottom of the article, ripped off here for posterity. I mean! Wii! Owls! Internets meme! What’s not to like?


The Long Egg Race

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Ah, our favourite topic, and FreakyTrigger had Long Egg’s a-go-go all through 2006. And then we got a comment about the EggBoiler. And if you go to the site, the impressive computer generated effects seem to have cracked our various opinions together and turned it into the EggBoiler. It looks a bit industrial scale for our experiments, but worth it for HEXAGON LONG EGGS…


A Scary Home Companion

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The Angel Of Death haunts Robert Altman’s last film, A Prairie Home Companion. There is the in film death of one of the artists. There is the actual death of the theatre in which this fictional version of Garrison Keillor’s smug, self-satisfied, US radio staple is supposedly recorded. There is the death of Tommy Lee-Jones’s axeman, as facilitated by a very jobsworth white macced Virgina Madsen. Who plays the actual Angel of Death, who haunts the film. And there is of course the death of Robert Altman himself, director of the film.