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Jan 07

In A Stew

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Has “Marketing expert” Jonathan Harwood really got nothing better to do than campaign for the government’s Beefy And Lamby meat promotion site to be reprieved?

Have the BBC really got nothing better to do than report on it?

Have Ian Botham and Alan Lamb really got nothing better to do than do voiceovers about scrag end and brisket for online puppets?

Have I really got nothing better to do than to blog…


Brandwatch: When Ads Go Bads

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The world of marketing reacts to the slow post-Christmas season like all the rest of us – by wallowing in lists. Marketing magazine has been making particular play over the last couple of weeks of its “Most Irritating TV Ads of 2006” survey. The winners are Injurylawyers4U, Cillit Bang, Picture Loans, Sheila’s Wheels and I forget the rest but Iceland featuring Kerry Katona is up there too. Last week’s mag had an amusing editorial in which the editor of Marketing got in a huff over the fact that whereas five years ago advertisers would have felt shame at finding themselves on the list, now it’s almost a badge of pride. Why, he sniffed, are we rewarding crap work simply because it’s effective?


Poptimism – Lesson Twenty Four

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Jeans On – 2JAM feat. MC Junior JC

Tony The Beat – The Sounds (Rex T Dog Remix, natch)

Not This Year – Aly & AJ

I Get Around – Dragonette

Perfect Exceeder – Mason Vs Princess Superstar


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Bambi Meets GodzillaBambi Meets Godzilla. It might not look it, but this is Pixar film.