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Jan 07

Admin: listen up, all comment crew

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I was hoping that the lovely Akismet filter (200,000 spam caught and rising) would be updated to have an option to never mark logged-in user’s comments as spam. No such luck, so i’ve had a go myself. I tried posting blatant spam logged in and it worked ok, and it failed when logged out as a double-check, so the signs are good. (And it continues to trap all the usual spam.)

It’s risky stuff fiddling with such a good spam filter and v difficult to test and troubleshoot – so let me know about any problems you find here. And if your comments are being ignored please use the Freakytrigger e-mail link (bottom of the sidebar there) to let us know.

My worry is that the spambots will work out how to automatically make an account. (Then I might have to add a captcha to that process *wince*)

I’ve Been Around The World (In 80 Snacks) And I Can’t Find…

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Phileas FoggShould have been looking in Medomsley Road, Consett. All of which to say in one of the many think-tank like* editorial meetings of the FreakyTrigger collective last Friday it suddenly hit us: Phileas Fogg Tortilla Chips are no more. We all checked out snacking memories as to the last time we had seen a packet, and we guessed some time in 2004 in a Sam Smith’s pub. By then they had rebranded as some sort of sex tourism snack, which despite introducing some great new flavours, was a bit of a disaster from a rebrand perspective. Indeed it was this redesign that we assumed sunk the brand in a world: which seemed sad in a world overflowing with snacking opportunities that the British originator of the posh snack had fallen out of favour. Could it be that this most worldly of snack, with its amusing little stories and many fine personal memories**, was no more?


Paul Daniels: BARGAIN!

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One of the best things about my job is getting sent e-mails from PR companies and agents, booking acts for student events. now we know students are funny, fickle folk who rate the flavour of the month well over yesteryear’s tried and trusted acts: but receiving this list of acts I could book for my summer ball, I was frankly staggered by the disproportionate costs.