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Apocalypso! The Musical!

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“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within”

Apocalypto starts with this quote, underlining this revisionist view of Mayan history which will in some cases subtly unfold infront of us. Apocalypto sets itself up as a rather original film concept and one which works as a spectacle and an action film. Indeed the film is an odd mix of Porky’s, Run Lola Run and Mel’s own Passion Of The Extended Torture Scene. But the running bit is great.


Hillmarton Conservation Area? WHERE?

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It was brought to my attention via the Upper Holloway I’m in Yr Area thread on ILx (back and proud) that Foxtons Estate Agent don’t like to talk about Holloway, and instead appear to want to talk about Hillmarton Conservation Area. Now I have lived in this area for ten years and have never heard the name Hilmarton Conservation Area. Indeed as someone who is occasionally interested in local history it surprised me that such a run down part of London was in an active conservation area, and that i had never heard of ot. Not just me it appears, Nicky Leaper too as quoted in this Independent Article (property puff-piece):

A native north-Londoner who had been living nearby, Nicky Leaper was unaware of the conservation area until she started flathunting: “I had been renting in Tufnell Park and wanted a flat in a similar area as near to central London as I could afford. I’d never heard of the Hillmarton Conservation Area, and only learned about it from the estate agent.”


Dad Baffled By Modern Marketing Part N

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I just received – maybe you did too – a spam email from entitled “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Pre-Order Your Copy Now!”.

I can understand what Amazon gains from this, but really, why would anybody bother?? This is a book whose print run is going to be really quite staggeringly massive: it will not be difficult to find a copy come publication date, in fact it will be almost impossible to avoid one. There are whole food groups which are going to be scrapped to create supermarket space for the thing. But even so here we are being asked to “make sure of” our copies.

Contrast the Glastonbury Festival, which is also available to pre-order: here we have actual scarcity value so the whole “intent to buy” thing makes sense.

I wonder if this is another example of people just not understanding the idea of rarity (or to be more exact, companies hoping people don’t understand it). Cf. the 1990s comics industry boom, which was – to be fair, only partly – built on persuading 12-year olds that because a whole lot of people want something it will go up in value.

Also of course it’s a bit of experiential marketing – if stores can persuade customers that pre-ordering their copy of HP7 is an integral part of the anticipation experience then they can coin it in. I suspect queueing at midnight dressed as a witch is a bit more atmospheric though.