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Jan 07

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Week 1

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Here’s the first of the regular shows as broadcast this morning 12-1 on Resonance FM. This week’s show includes Um Bongo, cold cures, endings and The Fastest Milkman in the West…

apologies for slight variance in sound levels, i blame pete ;)

those norton twins vs your DIRRTY BRANE

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bedknobi. in andre n’s general conception of our far future, there is a galactic federation coming to pieces, with a severe class system — the proper mode of address for the pampered aristo class (male) = “gentle homo
ii. in bedknob-zah and broomstick-zah — in the big-hit wake of half a sixpence, my fair lady, chitty chitty bb, and mary poppins, the weird real-disney-fake-cockney er “reimagining” of mary n’s not really-a-classic-at-all bedknob and broomstick, the following exchange occurs:
angela lansbury: “and with this bed you can wish yourself to london!”
fake cockney child: “what’s that got to do with me knob?
iii. i didn’t reread mary n’s the borrowers until now bcz of major fear-of-twee — yes yes it is abt v.small people who subsist on the stuff we big humans leave lying around, like pins and thimbles uh oh etc — and bcz in the one i remember BEST (borrowers aloft) they settle in a model village (which i admittedly found very satisfying aged 10 but latterly struck me as somehow a bit pat and smug). Anyway on rereading the first two (the borrowers and the borrowers afield)