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Jan 07

Two Kids And A Dog. Pat Morita’s Legacy

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karatedog_poster.jpgThe Karate Kid is not the best film ever made, but it does hold a soft spot in my heart. Yes it, and its two sequels, are formulaic coming of age movies, and Ralph Macchio is clearly about forty by the time Part III turned up: but who can hate fence painting and kung fu? And at the heart of the films sat Morita’s Mr Miyagi, the eighties second favourite mentor figure (after Yoda). It did not end there even. The Next Karate Kid was a bit of a pointless addition to a series which had already overextended itself. Also having seen Maggie Cheung, Josephine Yau and Michelle Yeoh kick arse in Hong Kong movies, the gender twist of The Next Karate Kid is barely groundbreaking. But Morita equips himself well and the film is notable for co-starring a double Oscar winning actress as Kid II: Hilary Swank.


Oh No Patrol!

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snow_patrol_eyes_open.jpgOn this years Annual Between Christmas And New Year Pub Crawl on the 20th December in the Borough region we saw a poster. A giant, huge poster for Snow Patrol’s Eyes Open saying it was the biggest selling album of 2006. Pshaw, pooh pooh, we pooh-poohed.

Well it was. Eyes Open sold more albums than anything else last year, even the reformed Take That. And its managed to do this by dipping completely below my radar, to the extent that I don’t even get really annoyed by ver Patrol as I might have done with Coldplay. It just seems really bizarre.