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I WAS A GOBLIN: There is another world, there is a better world

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Barrow-downsA big selling-point of tabletop RPGs – possibly a legacy of the era they appeared in, the liberal 1970s – was their non-competitive, open-ended aspect. Individual players wouldn’t “win” games, the group would only achieve its goals through co-operation. Most games replaced victory conditions with points-based progression systems, which meant that games rarely ‘ended’ as such – the most common structure would be a series of adventures, referred to in gamespeak as a “campaign” (another hangover from the hobby’s wargaming roots).

Which raised the question – how should these adventures be linked? If games were to be heroic sagas, even the most dice- and rule-driven demanded a context. And with context came continuity, and as the hobby developed the idea of ‘worldbuilding’ became more prominent.


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List of Films With The Most Utterances Of The Word Fuck in it. I luv Wikipedia…

Talking Parrot Confounds Science, Article Confounds Sense

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wood-parrot.jpgI haven’t really got an awful lot to say about N’Kisi, the talkative parrot whose ability to talk seems to contradict the usual suggestion that that parrots merely mimic. I don’t know enough about the science, my philosophy of linguistics is extremely rusty and scientists just don’t budge unless really pushed. Its a nice enough story, snappily headlined “Parrot’s Oratory Stuns Scientists” – without a physically stunned scientist in sight. No what really hit me was the following sentence slipped into the article where the parrots 950 word vocab is discussed:

“About 100 words are needed for half of all reading in English, so if N’kisi could read he would be able to cope with a wide range of material.”


Trends Of 2006 Movies: The Disguised Time Travel Movies

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Time travel, its just science fiction right? WRONG. Well, right, but you tell that to people who want to see Keanu Reeves/Sandy Bullock romance films or Jerry Bruckheimer police procedurals and they might not go see your movie. You see 2006 was notable for two mediocre movies hiding time travel in their core. I’m talking The Lake House and Deja Vu.

Its not the first time there has been a time travel romance (Somewhere In Time springs to mind). And if anyone remembers Crime Traveller, we know that cops and time travel an go together. Indeed the basic paradoxes of time travel are so simple to comprehend that it is incredible that both of these films went to such a length to explain at tedious detail the inherent problems with time travel. And then generally ignore them.