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Dec 06

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Retired Pop Star Watch: Dave Stewart, comics writer.

The Annual Freaky Trigger Between Xmas and New Year Pub Crawl 2006

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Christmas: yes. New Year’s Eve. Of course. Even Boxing Day if you will. But where is the love for the lowly 29th December, a day which in the highs of the festive period lolls between two big drinkfests unloved, lonely and unwanted.

At least that was the case before the FreakyTrigger Annual 29th Pub Crawl started. Now in its seventh year (COUNT ‘EM) areas such as Holborn, Euston, Mornington Crescent have all been traversed with bonhomie, idiot talk and interesting beers in mind. But never has this event dipped its toes south of the river. Never, that is, until 2006.

The Borough Dumbbell (not a real shape but it will do) will start at 3pm on the 29th December in the Wheatsheaf just by Borough Market. From there we will move on in the following fashion (timings subject to change and pubs being shut):


Poptimism – Lesson Twenty Two

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Ring The Alarm – Beyoncé (electropop remix)

I Think We’re Alone Now – Girls Aloud

Real Gone Kid – Deacon Blue (some bosh remix or another)

Skinny – Lo Rider (Extended Mix)

Kon naruk mai mee fan – Dong (from School Bus)

Chae – Bluna & Loogtan (from School Bus)

I Got A Beaver On My Lap & A Bear On My Tail – Red Simpson