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Sci-Fi For Kids: Judging A Book By Its Cover

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tfts87.jpgAs we are dipping our toes into this water, and reminiscing on the mobile library days AND Mark’s prescient Heinlein cover mutters on twin-lit, let me share. I read a lot of sci-fi as a kid. And the pre-history of my interest would factor in space lego, Doctor Who (but of course), Buck Rogers and just loads of sci-fi styled toys. I guess the word science also had an impact, as that interested me. But in reality, as a voracious reader, I had worked though the kids section in the trailer library in a few years, and it was rarely replenished. Between the eight bookshelves of adult fiction and the kids books was a bookshelves marked GENRE. It had a shelf of romance fiction (which I had to perm a few Mills & Boons for my Mum) half a shelf of westerns and the rest was divvied up between crime and sci-fi.


The FreakyTrigger Top 25 Brands: 23: PANINI

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One of the great – though cynical – goals of marketing is to encourage consumers to waste stuff. Not in the enviro-friendly sense of extra packaging – the brands put that shit on their products when it was fashionable and they’ll take it off as soon as consumers start fussing enough, no problem. No, the idea is to do two things:

A: get consumers to buy more than they need.

B: make sure they don’t save the stuff they don’t use.


FT Top 100 Songs: 65: TEARS FOR FEARS – Pale Shelter

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white-house-picture-2.jpg* Just Because.

OK. This list was derived almost two years ago now, and in our slow, thoughtful trawl through it, throws up odd anomalies such as this. Why Tears For Fears in 2004? Do we dare blame Donnie Darko?

Of course we bloody blame Donnie Darko. Without the the artful slow-mo and whacked out plotting, the prog-pomp-synth edifices of Tears For Fears first album would never have been rehabilitated. And I find it hard to say altogether good things about Pale Shelter (or its full title on its first single release: Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love). I can tell you a tale about how I first heard it though.