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#296, 30th January 1971


At some point in the early 90s I was persuaded to go to a religious ‘discussion group’ set up by a liberal Anglican friend of my mother’s. These were frustrating affairs – mostly I remember being told repeatedly that doubts and questions were GOOD things that made people STRONGER on their JOURNEY into FAITH, even though it seemed that actually resolving any of these doubts was completely off the agenda. 


why am i not surprised >:(

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ufoFor reasons i won’t bore you with, i needed to examine STORM THORGERSON‘s website, he of front-rank 70s sleeve designhouse HIPGNOSIS. I am immediately confronted with the following rubric: “To view this site, you’ll need the Flash plugin.” What is the USE of a designer who does not know how offputting this is?

(brief history: the annoyingly named company specialised in a. high-production value quasi-surreal mysticism, and b., high DO YOU SEE-value punning innuendo of a sexist bent…)

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At this time of year, we’re all thinking about planting a few spring bulbs and protecting our tender plants from the winter frosts. But let’s forget I’m a telly gardener for a bit while my supposed avuncularity is awkwardly slotted into a teatime quiz show. Eric’s been out and about with his camera again so it’s time to play another close-up picture round. Eee, you’d never see Monty Don doing this…


Kinvig creator dies, aged 84

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Or as the Beeb put it Quatermass creator dies, aged 84. Overlooking Kinvig.

This was brought to my attention yesterday on videowatchdog.blogspot via ILX and I was just trying to come up with something appropriate to focus on for an FT article but I’ve so far failed. Anyway important news you should know about. If I can write something about it later, you’ll know. I was thinking of his impact on horror/”adult” comix, but all i could think of is the debt/homage in early Hellblazers. All the telly stuff you should know about already. Right?