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Oct 06

FREDA PAYNE – “Band Of Gold”

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#291, 19th September 1970

“Band Of Gold” isn’t a particular standout musically – a Motown beat that seems to have gone a bit stale on its journey over to the Invictus label, a string arrangement low in the mix and an enjoyably twangy guitar. It does a job but it’s down to Freda Payne to give the record its kick. And she does – a performance full of hurt, sorrow and indignant anger. Impotence is a rare pop topic, now as then: the lyric stresses the bride’s naivety, but the strongest impression I get is that Payne simply can’t believe the affrontery of what’s happened: whatever olive branches she’s prepared to hand out (“love me like you tried before”) pale beside her bubbling, disbelieving wrath – “but THAT NIGHT, on our HONEYMOON”. It’s withering stuff: a shame the band also couldn’t get it up a little more.


After (This) Life

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When Afterlife turned up on ITV’s schedule recently, I was a bit baffled to see it billed as the second series. It’s not that I go out of my way much for this sort of thing, but had I seen ONE trailer for it, I would have been interested. And that’s probably the most mysterious thing about the show.

The first series is reviewed here by offthetelly, and the same criticisms can be levelled at the second series. Egg is still rubbish in it and the stories are simply not “tight” enough – feeling less like stories than often unconvincingly strung together set pieces. The first three episodes each had one thing to commend them (story twist, acting, visual impact, etc), but the fourth episode was too dull to keep me going.

The third episode “Lullaby” was the most interesting because the ending was “wrong”/”brave”, and there’s not enough of that in modern telly drama


Where Dead Voices Don’t Gather

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Ghost Whispererer and Haunted on the telly 

So here’s how the television show The Ghost Whispererer goes:

1) Ooky spooky music box theme tune with “Sowing the Seeds of Love”-style “eerie” animation involving Jennifer Love Hewitt RIPPING HER OWN HEAD IN HALF


New FT Thing!

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On the huge ever growing sidebar that rules from the centre of the Triggerworld you will see a section called “Current Poll” (down there, look, under the archivey bit).

We will be using this function to POLL you the FT readership on one of the urgent cultural issues raised by the day’s FT content – or failing that, raised by our conversations in the pub.

Results of the polls will appear NOWHERE AT ALL (currently) – however that doesn’t matter as we all know the joy of polls lies in the ticking and clicking.