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Jul 06

Poptimism CD #8: Boshtimism

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This is the tracklisting for Saturday’s giveaway CD. If you didn’t get a copy – very likely as my computer overheated and I could only make 12 – I will be making more this week. This offer is really only open to people I am likely to see in the pub before too long.


O-HUM – “Nahal E-Heyrat”

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O-HUM – “Nahal E-Heyrat”: monstrous 6-minute Iranian prog-metal-disco workout from the Pop World Cup, as heard at Poptimism on Saturday.

Boutique Bowling

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The other night I found myself on a work jolly to All Star Lanes, one of two mini bowling alleys to have cropped up in Soho. All-Star Lanes offers four lanes, a spacious bar, a rather less spacious restaurant, an extensive cocktail menu, Americana on the walls and stereo (lurching between Elvis and the Strokes), and a well-heeled, sometimes noisy office worker clientele. By all accounts it is a lot more tasteful and slick than rival Bloomsbury Bowling. It is also – this is rather important if you’re not sucking on the expense account nipple – a great deal pricier.