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Superstition: Don’t You Mean Stupidstition

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Welsh authorities say tradition of Melltith has gone “Beyond a joke”. Said tradition involved townsfolk barring the way to the church for a bridegroom in order to prove his worth. And perhaps cutting down telegraph poles to do this IS going too far. But come on, its not beyond a joke, it was never a joke in the first place. Especially when you see other examples of the tradition in action, including “Adding gravy browning to the towns water supply.” I don’t know about you but nothing says a wedding to me like brown, watery liquid…

What this article does not stress is that these acts are done by spirits in the night, spirits of the brides ancestors testing the groom. At least, I am pretty sure spirits are involved somewhere.

Is it a bean or is it a chilli?

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There is more food science to come, but I was reminded last night in FreakyTrigger Central (PunKum restaurant) of one of my least favourite food misidentifications. Last night my hot Thai curry was flecked with red chillis. Not a problem, I avoided all but one and the sweat was pleasant enough. But it was also populated with some small green thin things which looked like beans.

But then the small green thin things I happily chomped through a couple of years ago in Chilli’s, the ominously named curry house in Crouch End, had turned out not to be beans. Instead they were bullet-like chillis which invoked a tongue shaving.
It turned out the PunKum bits were beans, and crunchy cool ones at that. Still, I am always wary…

There Are No Islands In The Island

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All the things that made the trailer to The Island so great, make the film of The Island so rubbish. Mainly the plot. You seem the film of the Island takes about half an hour until the viewer realises that this does not take place in a contaminated world and these are not the last people on earth. Instead this is a clone harvesting facility. The same information is imparted in the trailer in one minute. Plus explosions. The first thirty minutes of The Island does not have any explosions. FOR SHAME!

What the Island does have is gratuitous mag-lev trains, a skyrail system in Los Angeles and JET-BIKES. A discussion on the jet-bikes last night suggested that this bit of the film went as follows:
Producer: This bit of the film is a bit flat.
Michael Bay: We could add something exciting and sexy.
Producer: We’ve got Scarlett Johansson in a french maids outfit.
Michael Bay: Oh. I took that out. Sorry I thought it was a joke.
Producer: We are a bit tight on money after all those white tracksuits we got from TK-Maxx. What do you have in mind.
Michael Bay: Jet bikes. Its set in the future, we need jet bikes.
Producer: What for.
Michael Bay: I WANT JET BIKES.
Producer: Okay, okay. Here’s ten million dollars. It better not be a flop…

The Island is well worth watching for the DANGER: EXPLOSIVE signs that characters persistently ignore, and of course the explosions that follow.

the murder of the secret birthplace of jazz, rock’n’roll, reggae, goth…

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i’m too angry and too sad about what’s happened in and near new orleans – and what’s been allowed to happen – to try and be clear about everything i’m feeling today, or anything, really: i always wanted to know more, to get inside an understanding of the exact historical-cultural role of the world’s fifth largest port (and the regions round it) and i always felt, also, that – maybe more than any other part of america – there was something about its story which meant we always saw it, from our faraway place in geography or time, through a distorting scrim of sentimentality, simplified, stripped away from the complexity of itself and, well, orientalised or something — i wanted to do it justice when i wrote about it, if i wrote about it, and all i knew was that i didn’t know much yet, and that maybe knowing enough would take a lifetime on its own, and so i set the idea by and studied other, easier things. most pop phenomena are here and gone in a flash, and that’s the energy and the fun and the point: i liked how new orleans seemed to abide, an irreducible and beguiling anomaly just a little off the edge of routine consciousness about pop: you could ignore it but you could never really quite forget it; it mattered so much, and yet – it seemed to be saying – what was the urgency, fool? and now this hub of half-lost worlds lies shattered and drowned, and those still trapped can’t state the urgency strongly enough

(Not A) Dutch Auction

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A Romanian Football Club Chairman has put his club on Ebay to get rid of it. Unfortunately for the sale of said club the idiot chairman seems to know nothing about rule one of salesmanship. “Thou shalt not go on Teh Interweb and tell everyone how you could not GIVE the club away”.

Still if you have thirty pence and fancy owning Universitatea Craiova, then try Ebay. Remember to check the Postage & Packing fees first though.
(This is all you actually get if you search for Universitatea Craiova from their illustrious career!)

Clarence Beeks lives!

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BBC News 24 Interviewer to David Attenborough in story about decline in numbers of mountain gorilla:

“So, what were they like to work with?”

They were actors in gorilla suits all along!