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Oct 02

NIRVANA – “You Know You’re Right” (Video)

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Jump Cuts, quick shifts-maybe 40 in a four-minute video, so we are left with almost subliminal images.

It’s a memento mori for the media age. A self-referential monument for a martyr who realized dying young was a guarantee of immortality.

The problem was, he was handsome- with a haircut and a suit he could be one of the all American boys he hated.

There he is with his cardigan-playing Fred Rogers for all of the people whose parents didn’t really care.

Singing on MTV Unplugged, and then broadcast this way- can you see the meta-context?

He is there, with cherry red hair, the last vestige of Aberdeen gutter punk emerging.

He crawls across the stage in a black slip. Remember the fuck you puke yellow ball gown he wore on Headbangers Ball- admitting to fucking men wasn’t nearly as subversive as the gender bending on an a really Rock and Roll show.

I thought Courtney was a hero, ’cause she didn’t sell out like Jimi’s family did. But Kurt sold out with the arena tour and the t-shirts.

Rock and Roll is a business, and the miracle of dead rock stars releasing new records is a corporate move.

Now, aside from the live rarities records-there a greatest hits collection. Since when do three albums make a greatest hits package necessary?

Since when does a repackaged bootleg really mean anything?

It’s War!

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It’s War!: Kirk DeGiorgio replies to Simon Reynolds’ attacks on him. “UK dance music journalists neglect the bulk of the influences on House and Techno because they know next to nothing about it. I know about it because unlike my mates at school I didn’t like punk, ska, new wave or indie.”. Ouch! Kirk to thread! Bits of the response are somewhat pompous (“My iTunes software tells me my most played artists at home are Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Sun Ra & Stevie Wonder.”) but it’s nice to get both sides of the story. Especially as both sides I’d guess have some right on their side – the continuity between disco and house is neglected, but some people into dance music now do have a better grip on it than those into it from the beginning. It is just possible after all that after 10 years patrolling this beat Reynolds knows his stuff. Meanwhile for the ‘neutral’ (read: even-handedly ignorant) a tasty spat is in prospect. This comes via Simon’s own blog, a cool development in itself, whose all-too-familiar post-rate so far shows that he fits right into the weblog ‘massive’.

Oct 02

Diana Krall – Live In Paris

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Jazz in Paris has exotic implications:Josephine Baker dancing hoodoo at the Revue Negre , Paul Robeson intoning marxist lullabies on street corners and at the Opera House; Nina Simone singing one song or three hours worth depending on how she felt about the audience.There were also African musicans flowing in from the colonies, informing these Americans of the origins of the music played. In addition to the the tradition of Cabaret Singing that interacted, worked with and fought against the narrative traditions of those Americans and Africans.

In this way jazz became a sort of lingua franca, that is until Diana Krall moved in. The white bre(e)ad Canadian is only considered a jazz artist by marketing execs, who once again want to turn shit into gold (records). There is none of the history, the problems, the delicacy and the passion of people who escaped to France, or French who escaped to the Cabaret.

Krall sounds like she has flown from New York on the Concorde, that she puts Evian on her rider- and that Evian is as close as she has gotten to Francophone culture. There is no reason that this concert needed to come from Paris- i’m sure she sounds the same in Debuke. Even though it’s a live album-you cannot tell that- the big band, the piano, her voice all have the studio polish that marks a post modern “diva”- one whose emotion and phrasing have been replaced with octave scaling gymnastics.

Oct 02

Tom’s Top Ten!

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Tom’s Top Ten! (business as usual)
ANDREW WK – “We Want Fun”
LOVE CLINIC – “Reach Out”
SWV – “Right Here (Human Nature)”
LANCE LOCKARM – “Save The Whole World For Later”
THE CLIPSE – “Grindin (Selector Remix)”
GRUNGERMAN – “Der Bittere Rauch”
SHAKEDOWN – “At Night”
JONI – “Yearned Ways”

THE CLIPSE – “Grindin’ (Selector Remix)”

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THE CLIPSE – “Grindin’ (Selector Remix)”

Insidious as the original might be it’s also way too horrible for everyday playlist listening, but oh that beat – so when Jess tipped me off to a dancehall-inspired remix I hit soulseek running. The logic of hip-hop in the era of the producer-kings is more and more Jamaican anyway: you get your riddim and then you roll it out for MCs to play with. I like Kardinal Offishal and Sean Paul much more than I like the real actual Clipse, and of course the rhythm remains unchanged (what would be the point?) so I’m happy. A bloke on used to regularly compare Public Enemy to someone banging on dustbin lids – not a compliment in his book but of course this is exactly what “Grindin'” is like and for four minutes everything else sounds like shit. The only thing is, this remix is just as gaunt and malignant as the original – Offishal’s repeated interrogatory “Aaaarh?” is one of the most threatening noises ever to make it from throat to record. High-proof stuff, even mixed.

Oct 02

OMNI TRIO – “Step Off”

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OMNI TRIO – “Step Off”

I’ve been in a time warp for the past week. Yes, this year has been brilliant, Ludicrus is mighty, Missy knocked out the box, Kelly Rowland’s solo single is mint, The Clipse are excellent, blah blah blah blah; I’ve spent the past two days at work going off my nut to the “Mystic Stepper” EP and remembering those grand college days when my main requirements for music were a storming breakbeat and sine-wave synth lines mixed in with chipmunk samples and big thumping fuck-off bass lines. I really wanted tracks like this to take over the world; screw melody, screw harmonic structure, just give me some bangin’ thematic sections sequenced together based on a “maximize-the-boogie” algorithm, supported by a stuttering, syncopated beat chopped up and shredded until it’s barely recognizable. Big beat started us down this road, but forgot its roots and got all melodic and songy. Where is the legacy promised by Omni Trio, Acen, early Prodigy, Altern8, Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era, D’Cruze, Boogie Times Tribe, Austin, Blame, 2 Bad Mice, early 4 Hero, Cloud 9, Hyper-On Experience, Yolk, Krome and Time, The House Crew, and all those other greats? Who’s got the tempos to go with the bleeps to go with the riddims? I must be officially old because I want my golden age back.

ILM and occasional FT writer Sterling Clover

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ILM and occasional FT writer Sterling Clover gets a piece in the Village Voice – how cool is that? Well done Sterling! (Also it’s actually good, too – a very interesting angle on the new Madonna single).

Oct 02

The Breeders are going to be on Buffy

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The Breeders are going to be on Buffy??? What have they ever done to deserve such a shining honour?? The Perfect Disaster were better than the Breeders anyway! Not that I am jealous I am not going to go and play in the Bronze with Willow and Buffy and Xander and Anya, Anya o! lovely Anya! Somewhere which is fictional!

There is only one thing for it – I AM GOING TO HAVE TO START A BAND!!! Before it is too late!! (ie before Buffy gets cancelled chiz).

Oct 02

What kind of mentalist

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What kind of mentalist writes almost 3,000 words about “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina”? Me. Also up on Freaky Trigger today is David Howie’s word-jazz write-up of Lift To Experience’s The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads.

And an apology to FT contributor Ronan Fitzgerald – his review of Viva Bugged Out! by Jon Carter got replaced in a terrible-yet-perhaps-inevitable name mix-up by my review of Carter USM. I still have Ronan’s original piece and will have it up soon I hope.

MOUNTAIN – Nantucket Sleigh Ride

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MOUNTAIN – Nantucket Sleigh Ride

I’ve never been to Nantucket – but I’ve always assumed it would just be a mixed up version of Kentucky. Not having been there I cannot comment of the quality or not of a sleigh ride there. However if Mountain’s opus pretends to approximate it I would imagine that going on a ride on a sleigh in the environs of Nantucket is somewhat akin to settling down in a nice bath of hydrocloric acid whilst having your intestines threaded out of your belly button. For half an hour.

As I’ve said before music is wretched enough as it is without making it go on forever. That said there is at last some subtle irony that a thirty second snippet (hence about 0.0001 percent of the song) was used as the theme to Weekend World. After all if you had a TV news show on which you wanted to show all manner of depraved, frightening horrors of the world its best to put a big, fuck-off warning up front.