THE CLIPSE – “Grindin’ (Selector Remix)”

Insidious as the original might be it’s also way too horrible for everyday playlist listening, but oh that beat – so when Jess tipped me off to a dancehall-inspired remix I hit soulseek running. The logic of hip-hop in the era of the producer-kings is more and more Jamaican anyway: you get your riddim and then you roll it out for MCs to play with. I like Kardinal Offishal and Sean Paul much more than I like the real actual Clipse, and of course the rhythm remains unchanged (what would be the point?) so I’m happy. A bloke on used to regularly compare Public Enemy to someone banging on dustbin lids – not a compliment in his book but of course this is exactly what “Grindin'” is like and for four minutes everything else sounds like shit. The only thing is, this remix is just as gaunt and malignant as the original – Offishal’s repeated interrogatory “Aaaarh?” is one of the most threatening noises ever to make it from throat to record. High-proof stuff, even mixed.