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A*Teens and Alice Cooper in year’s most unlikely collaboration
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A*Teens and Alice Cooper in year’s most unlikely collaboration: Tom wants the rest of us to contribute more? Fine. I decided to view the NME website for the first time in months and saw this bizarre headline staring me in the face. My mind […]

This Is My Truth
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This Is My Truth: “Unless something hugely dramatic happens before February 1, 2002 the courts will declare that Richey [Edwards] is legally dead.” (from Mojo Magazine, February 2002)[…]

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“It was Alexander Pope who said “A little learning is a dangerous thing”, and never has this been more clear than in the release of The Chemical Brothers fourth Long Player. Electronica’s darlings, the dancesmiths its okay to […]

More pubs than you think
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More pubs than you think I was amazed to discover the number of pubs in my local area that I didn’t even know existed, let alone have visited. A sign on the pub wall last night listed all the pubs in the vicinity which were affiliated to the l[…]

In Defense of Ja Rule
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I like Ja Rule. Not a lot. But well enough. (Meaning I don’t switch the station when he comes on.) Everyone I know – from the predictable white guys who only listen to J5 or Can Ox to hardcore hiphop self-flagellates of any color or c[…]

Chemical Brothers: Come with Us: Pitchfork Review
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Chemical Brothers: Come with Us: Pitchfork Review: “the quick reflexes and primal urges of a cheetah hunt”!!? What is it about the record that is doing this to reviewers?[…]

Let’s text Sophie Ellis-Bextor
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Let’s text Sophie Ellis-Bextor! “Can you fit your face inside a childs activity centre” is one I would certainly like her to answer.[…]

Collapsing New Waves
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Collapsing New Waves: I like the sound of synthesisers, so I like the sound of this art-snob Electroclash synth revival even though the best synthdisco record I’ve heard this year is also the oldest (Sugababes/GirlsOnTop/AdinaHoward/Numan, expe[…]

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LES SAVY FAV – “Adopduction”
I was kidnapped!
I dreamed I was kidnapped!
And so the song begins, riding like a car with a bad transmission, and Tim Harrington is the poor kid gagged & bound in the trunk, head smackin[…]

“Great music, like all great art, should transcend its time.”
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“Great music, like all great art, should transcend its time.” Serious people, like philosophers and poets, say things like this because they believe great art enters human beings into communion with the categorical — Truth and Beaut[…]


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