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BIG WRECK – “Inhale”
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And now, we interrupt the usual intelligent pop discourse for yet another MuchMusic testimonial, proving unequivocably that MuchMusic (USA or Canada) is the only video/music channel worth a damn. As if the obvious superior aspects of the channel are[…]

PEACHES – “Fuck the Pain Away”
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It’s funny that Ned should post an article on summer festivals past, given that I was attending a summer festival of my own this past weekend. The Siren Music Festival (sponsored by the Village Voice and various folks) offered the usual festiv[…]

Freaky Trigger
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Freaky Trigger updates — this time around, you get to put up with me rambling on about Tool’s Lateralus and summer festivals, while Mark Sinker considers Simon and Garfunkel. Enjoy, and let me know what you think![…]

TEN YEARS AFTER – 1991 Into 2001
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No, not Nirvana. I could talk about it, but you know, no. In the cold light of history “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is a dividing line for better or for worse, though NWA’s chart-topping feat with Efil4Ziggan or Dr. Dre’s smash […]

ARE YOU GOING? – Simon and Garfunkel and memory
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“And you read your Emily Dickinson/and I my Robert Frost”
— “The Dangling Conversation”, Simon and Garfunkel
The LP Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme came out in 1968: my father bought it for my mother that Christmas, an[…]

Darkness In Light
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Tool’s Lateralus and Willful Withdrawal in a New Summer of Love
It is, of course, a brilliant time to be alive. Sure, there’s another idiotic president raising international tensions in hamhanded ways, but this one lacks ol’ Ron&#82[…]

Summertime Rocks And Rolls
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Concerts in the American Sun
Late last night I went to the rock show. Or so was what I was hoping the other day, but I ended up being unable to float along, and thus alas had to miss the Frogs, a severe pity but not life threatening. However, that w[…]

CHEAP THRILLS – Peaches Live
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Peaches, The Bowery Ballroom NYC, 26 July 2001
Making fun of Peaches is beside the point because she gets it over with immediately, like taking off her clothes. Like her costume, your titters are mostly gone by the first song. The show Peaches put on[…]

A Quick Mention
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A Quick Mention of Club Sussed III at which I’ll be DJing TONIGHT (Thursday) under my ninja guise DJ Cockfarmer. I will be for the first time playing the CLIMACTIC SET of the night so do not miss it (Club Latino, The Plain, St Clements, Oxford,[…]

Dancing About Architecture
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Dancing About Architecture goes eighties with an album-a-year trawl through what (sez they) made the Eighties less “synthy, spiky and safe”. In other words, ten albums which try to wrench back the 80s from their rightful nostalgiapop weir[…]


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