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Jun 01

Serious issues hit Pumpkin Publog

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Serious issues hit Pumpkin Publog. Post election there has been a huge cabinet reshuffle. But not only that but now the responsibility for licencing and therefore pubs has been bumped over to the Ministry of Culture. This may seem – at least ideologically – like a good thing for those of us who believe that the pub conversation is the highest form of culture. However leaving the occasionally nannyish Tessa Jowell in charge. And personally I was looking forward to David Blunkett being in charge of opening hours. He seemss like the type of bloke who likes the odd pint. After all, its not as if he is going to get blind drunk.

Eyes That Can See in the Dark

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Eyes That Can See in the Dark: should have blogged/linked this a long time ago, Josh having pointed it out to me when it kicked off. It’s a music weblog – a quick glance will tell you it owes a design and stylistic debt to Josh Blog, but it has its own sensibilities and seems well worth a read.

I found it again while browsing a discussion on I Love Music, touching on the occasionally troubling questions of reverence and irreverence in music. While I agree ILM – and this site – can occasionally stray into glibness, I think it’s better to make that mistake than its opposite. And it’s probably worth reminding you all that Freaky Trigger and its offshoots are not websites about music, they’re websites about being music fans.