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More opining about Doughty
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There’s nothing good I can say about him other than that he made a really cool font once and that thing with Roni Size was intermittently enjoyable.
I’ve got my qualms about lists and charts and polls myself. They can be fun and provocati[…]

Good Evans!
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My celeb-in-pub sighting, documented on the Pumpkin Pubs site you will find linked on the left, is of course my double-barrelled Chris Evans encounter. To briefly summarise: i) encountered in The Crown in Soho, offered seat next to him to Fran, who w[…]

Ask Dr Pop
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Ask Dr Pop: Dr.Pop this week tackles two problems of concern to us all – to wit, the Middle East situation, and Toploader.[…]

Artists Don’t Like Critics
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Artists Don’t Like Critics, what a surprise. M.Doughty of Soul Coughing goes off on one about the Pazz And Jopp poll, in an entertaining but ultimately silly rant. His comments aren’t quite on the David Eggers rabid anti-criticism tip (Cr[…]

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Unpop is a newish indie-rock zine. There’s no mission statement or manifesto in sight, of course, since like most indie-rock zines the critical primacy of the music is taken for granted. But there are reviews and a few features: if you like thi[…]

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Thousand is still going, it may astonish readers to know.[…]

Americana In Pieces
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HANNAH MARCUS – Black Hole Sun
I was attracted to this album by a clever letter that Ms. Marcus wrote to Pitchfork, in response to a reviewer who was clearly trying to emulate Richard Meltzer and review albums only by their covers […]

Fred insisted I link to this
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Fred insisted I link to this, his essay on his list of favourite ever songs. But put that out of your mind and read on as it’s got some nice thoughts on radio and self-conscious listmaking. Not thoughts I much agree with but then I’m not […]

Dancing About Architecture
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Dancing About Architecture: has a Greil Marcus endorsement now, something FT is unlikely to win no matter how many negative Ja Rule reviews we run. All the rock critics love us anyway, yeah, they’re just too cool to say so. Or we are. Or someth[…]

My Fifteen Minutes
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My Fifteen Minutes: the last word on the AICON controversy, I rather think.[…]


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