scary babyi watched two eps of the 4400 last night: not much to report except a. they are wasting summer glau and b. SCARY BABY

T and I very much enjoyed SCARY BABY — as a device it is basically i. the er ULTIMATE VALIDATION OF SOVIET MONTAGE THEORY and ii. an extreme close-up of v.sweet baby except with MUCH SINISTER MUSIC PUMPING AWAY UNDERNEATH, followed by cut-away to baddie’s brane melting out of his nose or similar, then cut back to SCARY BABY (who is telephathic or alieng or from the future or something) — except sometimes the sinister music is finished and baby is SWEET ONCE AGAIN

thus we are thrown into a dialectical state of mind, and forced to think through the inherent political conflict: viz IT IS AN BABY IS IS TEH CUET vs OH NO!! SCARY BABY=INNER FITE WITHIN! OH NO!! ect ect