On the face of it, this is a simple philistinic story about an American kid who stuck his used chewing gum on an expensive painting. Singlehandedly the unnamed child became either
a) a disgrace
b) the bright new artist in the style of Jake & Dinos Chapman.

The story goes into the realms of the absurd however when the teacher tried to explain to the TWELVE YEAR OLD that what he had done was wrong. Apparently there was no understanding from the youth that one was not supposed to put chewing gum on paintings, which one suggests is a failure of him learning that one should not put chewing gum ANYWHERE BUT THE BIN. Paintings should not be singled out to him, and hence the analogy used to scold him is even more useless than it clearly was from the words used to make it up:

‘Can you imagine if somebody had messed up the beat in rock and roll so you didn’t have any rhythm in rap.’ And he looked at me, and he got it immediately

What he got was his next project, messing up the beat in rock and roll – to make rap sound better. A Renaissance Man has been born.