The Campaign against Political Correctness: somebody had to start it, the duty has fallen to one Laura Ridgeley, and we should be glad it’s as rubbish as it is. You know what this is going to look like even before you click on it, and in a way it’s heartening to realise that their respect for tradition extends to having a website straight out of a 1998 GeoCities style manual. My favourite section is the “Best Of British” section in which people share stories of other people being kind and helpful to them: even Ms.Ridgeley admits that this has very little to do with “Political Correctness” and uses this section to rail against the wider idea of bureaucracy. I was expecting maybe a section in which members would swap stories of the fun they’ve had being politically incorrect, but no, and unsurprisingly the complaints section is far greater. Anti-PC campaigners just love a good whinge.

But that’s exactly the point, isn’t it? What are the actual benefits of being ‘politically incorrect’? What good does it do any other human being? It boils down to a whole load of people squawking “Don’t make me think about what I do! Don’t you DARE make me feel bad about myself!” TOUGH SHIT: most ‘PC’ is just simple politeness, the wilder examples mostly boiling down to idiotic second-guessing or plain journalistic fiction.