DC Comics have asked the Katherine Cullen Fine Arts Gallery to remove art by Mark Chamberlain that depicts Batman and Robin in homo-erotic situations. Like living together in a big mansion, dressing up in tights and – hold on – that’s their own back catalog (and the less said about Batman’s Boner the better).

Anyway, while you can, the offending pictures are here. (I think we advise you don’t look at them otherwise you’ll never think of super-het Batman in the same way ever again). Personally I would remove them just for being the most obvious idea ever. This rumour (can you have a rumour about fictional characters?) goes back to the Seduction of The Innocents and probably as far back as anyone who thought about the relationship between a man and his orphaned teen ward. So actually drawing it in shonky watercolours adds very little to the idea.

(Have just discovered that this has already been discussed at some length on the Batman’s Boner thread on I Love Comics. A thread notable for a wonderful two panel shot of Aunt May discovering sticky white fluid seeping out from underneath Peter Parker’s door.)