Last night I sat down to read THE TOMB OF DRACULA, a collection of GOTH COMIC BOOKS nicely given to me as a birthday present by a collaborator of this (man2man) Parrish. Goodness grief! Whilst I admit that I have general anti-comics stance, I was willing to give this one a go, if for the goth name alone, but good GRAVY! Not only is all the text in CAPITAL LETTERS* with emphasised words being written in BOLD, but the emphasis is all over THE place! Natural rhythms of speech live and die a thousand deaths with such gratuitous use OF the bold key, nations rise and fall in self-despair, people DON sunglasses to hope that the horror lessens BUT no!

The thing is, that by the nature of comics, most of the story that actually gets put down IN words, is oral communication, right? And if you can’t even get THAT right, then what does that say about the whole shebang? I haven’t even managed to make it past the first PAGE yet, never mind worry if there are old fashioned things like a PLOT, good CHARACTERISATIONS and a catchy chorus that the milkman can sing on his morning rounds.

Yet, despite this, I will give it another go. I rarely let a book fail me, and why should I change my standards if the word “comic” is appended to the front of the media?

Wish ME luck. (GUH!! DO YOU SEE??)

*despite my pro-capital letter stance I do not agree that they should be EVERYWHERE, hongu?