is peter halley a comics artist ?

a) he doesnt work on paper (ie he is not ephemeral)
b) he doesnt use words (is the usual conflation and split b/w language and image requiste?)
c) his work can appear apart (ie can it be modular and still be sequential ?)
d) his abstraction (ie do you have to know it is a sequence or is being told enough?)

a) his work is intended to work in sequence (or so he says)
b) a subliminal political narrative is implied (ie he calls them prisons, conduits and cells–and he talks of the objects connecting to each other–flowing and ending as power flows and ends) (is narrative nessc. for comics?)

i guess my question is then–how formally distended can a work become before it is no longer considered a comic.

are questions of taxonomy that interesting?

links to work: