In this month of piss, I am happy to see that even the BBC is helping us out. This thought provoking piece on the same of a number of paintings done by chimps has the wonderful sub-heading Piss Paintings.

Thought provoking, because art is seen to be a human product and pastime, and one wonders to what extent these paintings are actually conscious artistic efforts. Or at least one might, if they weren’t so good. The second one on the BBC page is a startling piece, clearly about what a twat Desmond Morris is, and showing the barely suppressed rage of an ape with paint on his hands. Controversial in 1957, passe now (though any current artist doing a similar thing would probably claim copyright over the apes).

The piss paintings were unfortunately done by Andy Warhol, who was not to my knowledge a chimpanzee and therefore barely fits in the article.