Schorr Sheer
(where i blather about the hi art potential of hair cuts)

I bought the March Details for the interview w. Kevin Federline, b/c I love Britney and want her to be happy. Its a well designed magazine, but the best feature was a v. small foto spread done by Collier Schorr–the art world’s new foto darling. (he does homoerotic abstractions–barely legal teen boy smoking that tap the hidden energy between fetish porn and psa’s; wrestling fotos of straps, nips, blood and scratches–w. lighting to make the carvarggios–that sort of thing, dark amazing things). But these 4 images, 3 on white backgrounds, one virgin Mary blue, are the most wonderfully pure things. Just head shots, its about the hair cuts hipsters need I guess, but its a perfect formal arrangement of clavicles, chins, jaws, necks, fleshy saintly boys looking towards heaven. The best thing was the hair cuts though–three of them had messy, broken, badly shorn, almost sinful hair–hair that didn’t follow the rules. These were on white background. The other had a perfect Edwardian meets greaser proustian flattop–with a part as precise as laser cut paper.

I like when fashion and art mix and match–when you cannot tell the difference. His smoking fotos have illustrated new yorker short stories, as well.

(the best thing though, were the captions, which had an insane over the top diana vreeland qauilty tha i thot was lost from fashion–little decadent sonnets to the usefulness of the well crafted hair.)

EDIT: not homoerotic, she is a woman, and so oddly enough the fotos that she constructs are hetroerotic–a word i have never used critically before. its odd b/c her fotos so easily use the language of sex/violence/blossoming adolesnce/complicating desire that is so common among queer fotogs–so it becomes an almost normative reclaiming.

that said the language used in the texts, the implications and the fucking w. hi art/fashion is stil lthere and still makes me hard.