Credit where credits due.

Apparently I was quoted in The Times on Saturday (a dull tedious work thing). But they spelt my name wrong. Of course this is a nice way of discrediting the august paper of record for not fact checking (and I did spell my name out to the journo), and I can pretend it was not me. Its just some other Union General Manager called Peter Baron.

Unfortunately though this is a perenial problem for me. When i worked at MTV my name only ever appeared in one of the final 26 shows that came out (there had been a few disagreements between me and the company). I also assumed that their decision to call me Peter Barren came out of it. Perhaps the curse of having a slightly unusual name that sounds the same as common one. Should I change the way I pronounce it? The Dean Of the Faculty Of Arts at Birkbeck seems to think so, as during my graduation last we he was convinced it was BarRAN, the stress on the end of the name to ryhme with Kaftan.