There is little point in linking this HA HA – ART IS RUBBISH story on the BBC website, except for the fact that it appears that house style has been driven to extremes. The actual story itself is a classic Philstinian piece about dustmen being sent on an art appreciation course. It is unclear how this will help. Unless Frankfurt is going to be installing more and more rubbish based art on its streets.

No, much more interesting is the way the piece is warped by BBC Online house style to become the shortest, pithiest, one sentence paragraphs. Scroll to the bottom and you get this exchange:

The disappearing sculptures had brought the artist great publicity in Germany.

And he said that he had no ill feeling towards the refuse collectors at all.

“I thought it was quite funny that they took it away.

“I wasn’t shouting or angry at all.”

The binmen’s art lessons will be in Frankfurt school that Beutler himself attended.

“It’s a very good school,” he said.

“I’m OK with their opinion. It wasn’t written on that it is art – there was no sign saying something about it.”

Maybe the carriage return button was stuck.

On the computer that was used to write it.