Joe Sacco watch your back. After allowing an admittedly sluggish time for your Sacco’s graphic novel journalism of Palestine to be diseminated, the Israeli’s strike back with HOMELAND: THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL.

And who better to write this story 4000 years in the making than Marv Wolfman, 1980’s fan favourite writer of the Teen Titans and Crisis On Infinite Earths.

(Cue dodgy Jericho gag here*.)

Gasp as David slays the forces of G.O.L.I.A.T.H., swoon as Moses uses his telekinesis to hold back the Red Sea and be puzzled that you don’t remember the Anti-Monitor’s role in the 1967 war.

*Cue explaination of this here. Jericho was a member of the Teen Titans whose powers were, I believe, not being able to talk and having really silly hair. You may find out far too much about him here. But not really why he is called Jericho.